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How many hires do you make?

You won’t like this answer, but it depends on the complexity of the roles and a heap of other variables that brand sentiment, candidate engagement, positioning, tools and platforms that we can plug into.

Why is hiring such a challenge?

The strategy is either ineffective or you aren’t doing enough foundational stuff to create the desire to join your business. It takes works.

How are you different to using agencies?

I don’t charge % fees for hires. You hire me to work on projects. I occassionally work with partners to deliver against projects.

How long should we work with you?

We’re probably asking the wrong question. Think about hiring demand, the size of your team, whether your current tactics are even correct. There’s a boat load of nuance to this question. Be assured, you’ll never be tied into a long contract, I’ll just make recommendations based on your business objectives.

We test stuff. I share the outcomes on a newsletter once a month.