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👋 Airportr, I'm Nathan.

Fun fact: I’ve been a recruitment freelancer for the best part of 7-years. Getting a ‘proper’ job never really appealed. Until yesterday. I discovered Airportr and thought the concept looked simply genius. Attention captured.


Why would you hire me for this role?

Over the last 7-years I’ve been working with a broad range of companies who already have product market fit. One of their greatest challenges was attracting talent. Their ideal candidates didn’t know they existed.


Most companies that I join need some basic foundational things to start building out a successful function. This should be V1 and almost built to be changed depending on how quickly we expect to grow. We should consider:

  • Which platforms should we invest media budget into?
  • Which ATS should we adopt?
  • Capability to build content initiatives inside of the ATS to create an audience for Airportr.
  • What do we want to measure: time to hire, pipeline velocity, qualified inbound.
  • What does the referral framework look like for people inside the business or future hires?
  • How do we forecast future hiring demand?
  • What does the current approval process look like for taking a role live?
  • Support to hiring managers to support their development on things like interviews.

I’ve been responsible for building out all of these initiatives.



So few in-house teams spend the time to understand what makes their company unique. In the same way you’d speak to your ideal customers for qualitative feedback on your product, I’d recommend the same approach for talent attraction.

We would spend some time with the people inside the business and listen to the common trends. Once we’ve established what they are we’ll build some key messaging across our media assets.

I’ve created and used a framework to develop positioning for brands that means they don’t have the arduous task of building a full EVP.


Capture v creation

Most TA teams exist in a reactive state. They react to the hiring needs of the business. That isn’t usually a problem if they’re exceptional at creating demand in the market.

And that’s the opportunity. Most can’t create demand. 

They become this cold outbound machine that’s trying to capture market demand, not create market demand.

The difference that I often see with recruitment teams is that they treat candidates and hiring like a transaction, which doesn’t align with the candidate experience, which you would expect to be more intentional. Moving jobs is a big thing.

I’ve worked with companies to address that balance, and whilst I still advocate for being proactive and sending messages to candidates who fit our ideal profile, there’s significant value in building a content strategy to create demand/inbound.

It’s important for Airportr to build out their internal TA team with a blend of skills to help support attraction across various channels & platforms.


In any business where companies could be hiring their potential customers, I’d recommend focussing heavily on a candidate experience that aims to build community.

What does that mean in reality?

At every touchpoint, both positive and negative, we aim to create valuable content to drive a deeper connection with anyone who interacts with our brand.

I’d recommend leaning on the knowledge of the subject experts within the business to create micro pieces of content – or maybe host events – to give something back to the people that aren’t right for Airportr. This is a really cool way of driving new user acquisition too.

Reporting, Testing & Projects

It’s usually the case that companies don’t know what to report against until we better understand the bigger objective. However, I’ve previously recommended reporting against things at a channel/campaign level: qualified inbound, as an example. Also more broadly to show the business how we’re performing: time to hire segmented across various areas of the business/complexity of roles.

I really do best in companies that love to walk on new ground. Testing new ideas and concepts is the thing that gets me most excited about a brand like Airportr.

You can see some use cases from previous projects, the challenges that they faced and the steps that I took to solve them.

BES Utilities

Energy Brand

Their recruitment function was non-existent. I built out their full process, added an ATS, created a hiring manager-led process and saved £500,000 on agency fees in year 1. Pretty robust environment. For further insight you can speak to Nick Dilworth.


Independently Owned Luxury Hotel Brand

39 hotels across the UK&I had no clear talent attraction strategy. Implemented an ATS, supported the development of their careers page, developed partnerships for emerging talent, created a framework for individual properties to attract using social.


Energy Brand

Very heavy on sourcing, with no real workforce planning activity and a huge pressure on delivery. 148 people hired in 9 months, from SDR’s, Engineering & Leadership.