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Mahmoud Abdalla

Mahmoud Abdalla

Mahmoud is a standout Sales Director in the Middle East luxury hospitality scene, with a stellar reputation for boosting revenue and building strong client relationships. He already has contacts that he can turn on immediately, along with an extensive network, keen market insights, and a strategic mindset that make him a game-changer. If your hotel wants to grab a bigger slice of the high-end market and stay ahead of the competition, don’t miss the chance to bring Mahmoud on board.

Sales Director, Middle East.

Mahmoud has built a wealth of experience and contacts in the Middle East, which has translated to millions in revenue. So, what does his previous experience look like?

PR & Reservations Manager | Embassy of The State of Qatar

Sales Manager, Middle East & Diplomat | Rosewood London

Director of Middle East & Diplomatic Sales | The Langham

Travel Consultant, Private Office | Royal Family & Diplomat

Director of Sales, Middle East & Diplomat | Hotel Café Royal

What's next for Mahmoud?

Mahmoud is looking for a luxury hotel in London that can enable him to help his contacts enjoy memorable experiences. Mahmoud deeply understands Middle Eastern culture. He wants to work with a General Manager who gives him the autonomy to execute the plan that will drive most revenue.

Long term? Mahmoud would like to take on a Global Director of Sales, Middle East position.

The answers to your questions

He sure does. It’s 1 month.

Mahmoud is aiming for £85,000 – £100,000 p/a. Historically he has always achieved a bonus structure between 20-30% of salary depending on targets.

With The Rosewood, Mahmoud achieved 1.2m in revenue in 1 quarter.

The Langham really felt his impact with 6.8m revenue in 12 months.

Here are some of the things that have worked well for Mahmoud previously:

  • Administrative assistance

Mahmoud is very hands-on with his clients and key contacts. They trust him. He wants to be there to continue building those relationships, and he’s found that’s the best way to cultivate and grow.

  • Supporting travel

Mahmoud is very eager to travel often to trade shows and the Middle East to continue developing great relationships. It’s important his next company invests in that activity to see improved returns.

We are inviting companies to meet Mahmoud for a first stage interview via Zoom.

You can use the link below to book that session with his Talent Manager.