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Think of me as your personal agent.

Searching for a new role can be challenging. Most people tell me that their lives are busy, and when work isn’t going too well, they don’t particularly want to spend their downtime searching for their next role. So they use me.

Step 01

Project Definition

I’ll work closely with you to identify why you’re unhappy in your current role, what your new company will look like and help to define some timelines around your exit.

Understanding your motivations

Understanding your expectations

Understanding your future ambitions

Step 02

Research & Strategy

This is the part of the process where I figure out our go-to-market plan. All of the qualitative research that we got from stage 1 will ultimately play into understanding which companies are a good fit.

Mapping the market

Building out key contacts

Assessing live vacancies

Step 03


All of the research will be presented to you, and if you’re happy then we start to make approaches to all of the companies that we’ve mapped as relevant. Before we start to position you to the market, I would have built out a landing page which showcases your skills. That will be the hook to drive the conversation.

Landing page built

Multichannel approaches

Consistent touchpoints

Beta Mode



This service is currently in beta mode, and it’s being tested with selected candidates who I think fit the criteria. If you’d like to be selected, please select some time to chat below.


There is no charge to candidates for this service. Ideally you will give me the chance to work with you exclusively for a period of time – 1/2 weeks, to enable me to make the key contacts that I promise to make for you. All fees are paid by hiring companies.