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Plans & Pricing

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I’ll coach your team(s) through every step of the recruitment process with unlimited coaching calls on a rolling monthly basis. This is great for small start-ups who need their hand holding and often just need pushing in the right direction with basic strategies.


from £3,000/mo

You’ll get access to me and my network of on-demand recruiters who will actively hire for your open roles. We’ll manage the full end-to-end process with you. Whilst we don’t offer a capped service, we do recommend working your priority roles first.


from £10,000/mo

I’ll embed myself into your world. We’ll walk through your hiring strategy, actively recruit, work on improving things and start to figure out the best way to set you up for different stages of success in your journey. 

Questions: the favourites

Most companies typically ask similar questions when we're getting to know each other.

Here are a selection of my favourites.

Who have you worked with before?

There’s been a bunch of companies (19) over the last 7-years, including: Learning Technologies Group PLC, madeWORKSHOP, Inenco, Topcoder & Arachnys.

Can we contact some previous companies?

Yep! Go nuts. Usually companies ask for clients that have worked in similar sectors, so just let me know which companies make most sense and I’ll send over the contact details of the best contact.

What if we're not getting along?

Most of my services (Coach aside), are signed on 3 > 6 month contracts, but honestly, if things aren’t working out, or either of us aren’t happy, we can take a view and get things closed off within 30 days usually. It’s happened once in 7-years, and on that occasion I had to fire the client. Will tell you the story one day.

Why you?

Actually, that depends on you. I know how to deliver short-term results, and I’ve got the knowledge and data to run tests that can drive long-term changes to your business. It’s always helpful to know which state you’re in today, and where you want to be before we work together. Companies typically choose me because the strategy changes; this isn’t a basic sourcing model.

How are you different from recruitment agencies?

You’ll typically find that agencies charge you a % per hire. I don’t do that. There are some awesome agencies out there, so if that’s your preference then get in touch. Happy to recommend some that I’ve worked with. Free tip: try to either go exclusive or pay a small retainer if you choose this route. Don’t use multiple agencies on a contingency basis. 

Recruitment is easy, isn't it?

No. The ‘product’ has emotions. It’s the only marketplace (being a recruiter) on the planet where both sides can say no, change their mind and often have no clear idea about what they’re looking to solve for their business, or in the candidates mind, their career. It’s not easy. But if you get it right, it’ll accelerate your growth beyond anything you’ve seen.