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Tech Stack

It might be interesting to know that I come with all of the subscriptions that recruiters need to set the world on fire. Video interviews, LinkedIn Recruiter – it’s all there. I can even plug you into my ATS.

On-Brand or Off-Brand

Some companies have spent a small* fortune on branding, and so they want to plug me into their Google Workspace, and force me into their branded merch. That’s fine too. *large.


I’m the king at being sacked. Honestly. I get sacked when I do good work. The ultimate juxtaposition, but it is what it is. When hiring is done, so is my role.


Why do companies find working with me helpful, and what are they trying to achieve?

What's the difference between you and an agency?

You can choose to embed me for 1 month or 12 months. You don’t have to pay a % commission for each placement – you can do if you’d prefer, but most companies prefer to embed me into the company.

How do you find talent?

I use a mix of tactics. Some companies that I work with already have a significant amount of candidates inside of their ATS. Some companies prefer working with a conventional sourcing model. It might be more beneficial to run social ads too. It really depends.

Do you only work remotely?

So the bulk of my time is remote, but I’m always happy to drop into the office. It’s necessary for me to drop in on occasion to get closer to the action.

How long do we need to commit?

It depends on the product, but you can usually work with me for a minimum of 1-month. I’d recommend at least 2-months, because there’s a natural process of onboarding and learning about the business.

Can you work under our company brand?

Yes, that’s fine. Companies usually set up a Google Workspace account for me to plug in and go! 

Can you just offer advice?

Yep. If you just want me to be available to consult with your current team, that’s fine. I offer an unlimited amount of consulting calls per month. That’s priced at £2000.00 per month.