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What's representation?

Imagine the conventional recruitment model. Recruiters like me take a brief from a company, and then we work towards finding talented people to fill the role. Now reverse the model. As the candidate, you do not pay for the service. If I successfully land you your next gig, the hiring company pays me.

The process...

We’re going to work with you to deep-dive on what makes most sense for your career. What does the ideal next move look like. Together, we’ll take that information and begin to build out an addressable group of companies based on revenue, headcount, projects. We’ll build a landing page for you and then start to make some approaches.

People who work best for this model...

You’ll need to operate within a reasonable niche. Representation works really well for people who want to dominate an industry, and already have a strong track-record in that space. That’s not to say you can’t flip industries in your career – you definitely can – I’m just probably not best-placed to help you to do that. You’ll also need to be ready to move, and be able to offer me some exclusivity for 2-weeks to get the campaign moving.

Set up a call, and i’ll tell you why having an agent for your career makes sense.