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Where challenger brands build incredible teams.

3 ways can we work together?


You can hire me to become your internal recruiter. I’ll work with you for 3-6 months, we’ll build out processes, make hires and accelerate your growth.


You can hire me as your external recruitment partner. We’ll work together on creating a brief, and then work on attracting talent to your business. This is an exclusive service.


Turn away, companies. This one is for candidates. I work exclusively with high-performers. The top 1% who want to kick-start their career move. 



I’m Nathan!

👈 This is me. Friends told me I needed a professional shot. I’m not convinced.

Since 2012 companies have worked with me to hire talent. It’s usually because I come with all of the technology, and offer a level of agility to challenger brands who can’t always predict what’s around the corner. I love helping to build ambitious companies. If you studied my CrazyDomains account, you’ll see 40+ ambitious start-up projects that I’ve tried to build – I just get it! I’ve also seen start-ups and scale-ups make the same mistakes when hiring, and so that level of experience might help you to avoid some roadblocks further down the line.

This is the part where I tell you why…

I’m pretty good

I’ve helped a lot of companies to hire, so if you do decide to move forward, you can speak to some of them to figure out if they agree.

Ultimate agility

You can decide, based on current hiring demand, how long you’ll need to hire me for. 

The Process

I can be flexible. You can hire me as a branded member of your team, or I can go to market as me to find talent.


You get plugged into all of my tech, so you’re good to go from day one, or as quickly as you want to move.

Here, have a success story…

Client Results

148 hires

Yes, long hours 

I was so proud of this one I even dropped a LinkedIn post about the success. It was a mad 9-months.

9 months

Covering Maternity

Companies hire me for various reasons. In this instance it was a maternity cover contract. 


Gazillions in new revenue

Alright, maybe I’m extending the truth here, but their sales team drove some pretty significant revenue after we solved some of the operational hiring challenges.

Nathan joined us at our busiest time, and delivered huge success to Inenco.

Adila Butt, HR Business Partner. Inenco.