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We’re kicking the locks off recruitment technology by giving the industry unfiltered access to the best technology.

The Show

OpenDemo promotes recruitment technology. It’s super hard for buyers to even know what exists, so we’re attempting to bring recruitment tech into one place. Every episode will include a specific CTA, and you’ll receive any questions or additional demo/pricing requests directly.

Creation & Distribution

OpenDemo is shot via Zoom. We’ll record the session, include a live audience with Q&A and share all of the content with you.

We’ll also create a short audio conversation which ask the three big questions that your buyers generally want to know.

The content will be distributed via the feed on LinkedIn, TikTok, Newsletter & podcast channel.


Meet The Host

Nathan Jefferson

Nathan Jefferson

Hey, I’m Nathan. For the last 12-years I’ve been working in recruitment through a combination of agency, in-house and more recently consulting/contracting. I’ve always been more interested in creative, and so building a content channel like Recflix has been a project that I’ve wanted to kick off for a while. Excited for you to join the channel.

Book your pre-recording session

The pre-recording session is vital for us to figure out interesting questions, understand your product and book a recording date.